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Leading Agile Digital Transformation In 2023 Through Marketing & How To Do It – For The Generation NEXT

Agile Digital Transformation In 2023
Leading Agile Digital Transformation In 2023 – The Generation Next…

A better customer experience is all that marketers want to create with the upcoming Agile Digital Transformation In 2023 as the experience for a prospect or consumer, which has crucial not only in driving conversions and sales revenue but will also give customer loyalty and advocacy.

In multinational organisations, 71% of senior and 61% of mid-level marketers stand accountable for their organisation’s digital transformation.

Despite this, only 23% of C.M.O.s co-own digital transformation, with I.T. more frequently taking the lead.

This blog will explore the skillfulness and knowledge set that will make you accelerate and efficiently create a strategy for Digital Transformation.

Why are marketing leaders best placed to lead the Agile Digital Transformation In 2023?

Your Marketing Team requires unique skills and a set of insights of a business and the customer to – inform, influence, and convert in leading to Agile Digital Transformation In 2023.

When creating an Agile Digital Transformation Strategy, Marketing Leader can pull back and see an even BIGGER PICTURE; develop a vision of where the company is and where it needs to be for The Generation NEXT.

With the Digital Transformation For The Generation NEXT, the customer lifecycle needs to be in front of the mind, not just parts of that lifecycle, as it will be for Marketing and across the Business and its functions.

Know your customer for The Generation NEXT…

The key Role Of a Marketer’s Job is to optimise the usage of users’ time and shape their opinion regarding products/services. On the other hand, C.M.O.’s work is to boost the market and cater to all the consumers with the necessary products delivered by the company. It includes not only The Generation NEXT Technology but also customer needs and behaviours. All this is vital for any business in scenario planning and future-proofing.

There is no getting away from the importance of customer experience in The Generation NEXT. Modern Customers Seeking an Omnichannel Approach.

If a user clicks on a social media post to find out about a product, ensure they get the correct information about the new product that relates to the product landing page and is on brand; otherwise, you will lose their attention instantly.

Data To Understand

To make more profitable decisions, Marketing Leaders rely on data, whether the performance of a paid ad or close rates leads to a sale.

With the skills to get insights is all that will matter to your Business, not just having vast amounts of Data. Suppose you want data that drives performance, leads, and revenue; engage Marketing Teams that can help your Business do that.

Devising a Strategy for Agile Digital Transformation In 2023 is not only about understanding business data; it’s about knowing the broader ecosystem. How will you know what your competition is doing for The Generation NEXT? Will you be able to provide a snapshot of your industry and what’s coming up as Key Development in the next 1 Year?

Market Research And Forcastin For Digital Transformation In 2023
Market Research And Forecasting – Agile Digital Transformation In 2023

Market research and prediction are part of a C.M.O.’s job. It helps to improve where it matters and focuses on areas that may be underdeveloped or under-resourced in a company.

Know thy Soft skills

In today’s workplace, Technical knowledge and Skills are essential, particularly in marketing. However, that’s not the whole picture.

Know thy Soft Skills, also known as Power Skills, encompassing behaviours, personality traits, and work habits. Plus, this help to create Diverse and Agile Teams – a must for The Agile Digital Transformation In 2023, the upcoming year for The Generation NEXT.

As top Skills in demand with employers cited Soft Skills, A.K.A. Power Skills such as dependability, flexibility, problem-solving, and collaboration. Creativity, innovation, curiosity, and persuasion are also essential parts of Soft Skills.

Soft Skills
A Perfect Example Of The Future Of Work Soft Skills For The Agile Digital Transformation In 2023

These skills foster collaboration and help people to have durable professions, which means long-term success for a company.

An agile strategy is what Marketers Need to Possess!

Agility is paramount in Agile Digital Transformation In 2023. It will help companies to respond to transformations both inside and outside. This ability to shift fast will help preserve or enhance customer attention and drive unity in a workforce by producing efficacious and involved workers.

Marketing executives and their teams must embrace an agile technique. What’s the meaning of this, then?

Enterprise agility is not just product delivery. It comprises of behaviour, structure and operation of your Business. All that matters is how well you establish deep connections, operational flexibility and an adaptive direction.

It would be best if you did not concentrate on being customer-centric but also on the talent inside your company. All you need to know is that it’s about optimising skills and knowledge through regular learning and easily upskilling with Agile thinking.

It’s a holistic and integrated perspective of the whole Business Environment where everyone works for a common goal and is prepared for adaptation when required.

How will your conversion occur?

It’s challenging to lead and adapt to change. With today’s fast-paced environment, we have no choice. The pandemic has shown us how fast the external environment can pivot without warning and how we react to it will determine our triumph.

The most typical concerns in implementing change are:

  • Lack of FollowUp
  • Analysis paralysis 
  • Clouded Expectations
  • Making Bubble Decisions
  • Instantaneously Making Too Many Changes 

Is there a solution to all this? 

The answer is – YES

By using The Leadership Flywheel’s eight practice areas –

Practice Area 1: Honor People

It’s ALL about the people.

To honour people:

  • Honour people with your time and attention
  • Epitomize the spirit of “how can I help.”
  • Assume good intentions
  • Lead with listening, fostering an environment that creates the conditions for quality candour

Practice Area 2: Inspire Trust

Earn the confidence of all stakeholders.

To Inspire Trust

  • Honour all stakeholders.
  • Declare yourself and do what you are doing.
  • Develop and display character and competence – consistently.
  • Uphold high ethical standards.
  • Model the behaviour you expect from others.
  • Acknowledge mistakes.
  • Always meet performance expectations.

Practice Area 3: Clarify Higher Purpose

Craft an aspirational ‘calling’ that resonates with all stakeholders and delivers economic and social value.

To Clarify Higher Purpose

  • Ensure the calling delivers economic and social value.
  • Champion the higher purpose with intentionality, passion, persistence, and humility.
  • Make sure the higher purpose governs the direction of the organization.

Practice Area 4: Create Direction

Develop a competitively advantaged direction for advancing the agenda.

  • Create Direction
  • Confront the brutal facts facing you or your organization, question assumptions, and challenge paradigms.
  • Build an aspirational but achievable plan for advancing the agenda while honouring all stakeholders.
  • Dispel ambiguity – ensure the program’s expectations are clear to all.

Practice Area 5: Drive Alignment

Organize and leverage all resources to advance the agenda in a quality way.

To Drive Alignment

  • Organize resources (people, finances, time) to deliver the plan, task, or goal.
  • Establish a self-sustaining process that enables everybody to work towards the project with agility.
  • Confirm all stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities.

To Drive Alignment

  • Organize resources (people, finances, time) to deliver the plan, task, or goal.
  • Establish a self-sustaining process that enables everybody to work towards the project with agility.
  • Confirm all stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities.

Practice Area 6: Build Vitality

Motivate all to be fully engaged in advancing the direction in a way that honours all stakeholders.

To Build Vitality

  • Energize all to be actively engaged in delivering the desired performance.
  • Celebrate achievements and acknowledge shortcomings.
  • Challenge all to do better through swift and constructive feedback.

Practice Area 7: Execute with Excellence

Assure the direction is conducted with excellence — course-correcting as needed. 

To Execute with Excellence

  • Implement plans with disciplined task management.
  • Act decisively.
  • Measure progress and adapt as needed.

Practice Area 8: Produce Extraordinary Results

Meet or exceed performance expectations.

  • Produce Extraordinary Results
  • Deliver.
  • Embrace a results-oriented mindset
  • Attend wisely in the near term and the long time.

Our Marketing Team will drive your business success

The key to digital transformation success is to have a marketing team with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills.
Contact GDL today to empower your transformation journey.

Aulakh, Sam
Aulakh, Sam

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